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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Scribblings

Ever since I saw this picture, I've been thinking about designers and how they influence how we dress, eat, drink and indeed how long we breastfeed our infants....

A few years ago the picture of a standing child (toddler) breastfeeding would have been shocking, confronting and even indecent...still is to many.

There is copious medical evidence to substantiate the value of prolonged feeding to the health of our infants, and still mothers are judged by some for doing what they deem best for their child.

I personally recall sitting at a cafe discreetly feeding my eighteen month old child and having a middle aged man stare at me and pointedly move his chair to face his back to me.

Now, I'm pretty confident as a mother and within myself but I felt that touch of embarrassment, shame and anger creeping in at his obvious ignorance and intended rudeness. Fortunately I was with someone who reaffirmed with me my rights around these issues...what a blessing a good strong friend is :)

With this in mind, it's interesting to me that one retailer in a trendy European maternity boutique (above pic) has chosen to make this statement in a store window and it's flying around the internet to great acclaim. It would seem that there is a shift toward public acceptance of breastfeeding.

Maybe now that it's
becoming fashionable to breastfeed, this will become the accepted norm, and our society will actively encourage mothers to nourish their children in this way, for as long as they wish.

We can but hope....


  1. That is such a sweet window display!
    My mother breastfed me, and I intend to do the same when I have children.
    On Paper Wings

  2. It seems an indictment on our development that for years we have have been shamed and embarrassed by such a natural thing as breastfeeding. This is changing fortunately and hopefully more and more mothers will embrace the habit and then perhaps the dissident men (and women perhaps) can be persuaded that they all but irrelevant.

  3. Good on you Abigail :)

    Old Egg: well said and I agree women and men both could do with a lot more acepting and a lot less judging :)

  4. I detest when my daughters SIL is shuffled to the bedroom to feed her baby alone while the dinner party carries on! She should feel comfortable in their midst to do what is so natural. How can a mother consider breastfeeding in public when her own family doesn't endorse it? Still a ways to go that's for sure!

  5. It's becoming much more accepted here, in Brazil, to breastfeed publicly. After too many years of formula reigning, people are finally realizing that the natural way is (in most cases) healthier for the child and not at all improper. Great pic and well said post.

  6. Not being a mum I at first failed to even realise there might be anything 'wrong' with a standing baby..as with everything it must surely be personal choice..no amount of design or imagery should influence that..greatly enjoyed learning from this piece and reading your words and those of your visitors..Jae :)

  7. It's one of those things that mothers should be able to decide for themselves but for some reason men, I mean society always feels they know better.

  8. Lovely piece... powerful message. As you said, one can hope the world, our societies are learning.

  9. It is particularly sad to think that we might have to associate what is fashionable with the act of naturally feeding a child, but as you've said, mothers are constantly shamed for doing so. I've breastfeed four 'standing' babies and, nearly, lost my sanity making sure that our fifth, born preemie, would also be a breastfeed baby.

    Quite the refreshing post, Cynthia. And thank gosh for this boutique!

    Please be in touch, we are a home-schooling and home-birth family.


  10. Thanks for your contributions everyone...it's so nice to know there's so much support for bf out there xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Oh wow! The 'standing child' didn't even register with me until you mentioned it. It's a shame there are so many impractical people out there. A babe's gotta eat!

  12. One of the most delightful of sights - a baby being succoured by a loving mother. Nothing wrong with that. I expect there are still some people who would like to see piano legs draped for decency's sake.

  13. kate: absolutely :)

    old altonian:) what a delightful expression about draping piano legs for decency's sake...I love it!