Jay Z

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What have we taught our children?
We've taught them about nearly
Nearly old, cool, pretty enough

We've taught our children

To constantly live in the nearly
Children wanting desperately to be
All the while missing out on being

It's easy to look at kids and say

I was never in a hurry to grow up
I was never rude to my parents
We never had those issues...
Back when we were kids

But who created these changes?

Was it the toddlers

Who wear miniature adult clothes
Or the adults who manufacture them

Was it the girls

Who want dolls with sexy clothes
Or the adults who market and buy them

Was it the teenagers

Who dabble in drinking and violence
Or the adults who advertise them
With infantine sterotypes

Families who role model abuse

And so it goes on
In an endless cycle of blame
Until somebody stops blaming

And starts listening

Maybe we can win back

Their trust love and respect
And they can win back ours

When we become models of Being

Human, whole, complete, present
Not waiting for our big moment
But here for them

Right Now


  1. Agreed one hundred percent! Children learn what they live. We are their greatest inspiration, set high standards! I did, and reap the rewards now!!
    So well put!! Good job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Excellent message, beautifully written.

  3. Yes, I agree. Lead by example and live in the now. Difficult as that may be sometimes.
    Happy wishes to you :)

  4. So, so true. I agree with Madeleine - an excellent message, beautifully written.

  5. What a thoughtful piece and exploration of the word..Jae

  6. So true, Cynthia, I couldn't agree more. "Nearly" = "Not/Never enough" - just the opposite of what we should be teaching and modeling for our kids.

  7. I love the following line:

    "Children wanting desperately to be
    All the while missing out on being"

    Lots of wisdom here!

  8. ahhh the elusive now.... beautiful poem... retrospective slippery hindsight...

  9. Thankyou so much for your comments everyone. It it quite an emotive subject so a bit of a risk tackling it. I'm glad it found some open ears...
    and hearts :)
    Warmest Wishes, Cynthia

  10. This is divine,

    love love the imagery, and you rock.

    Thanks for contributing to poets rally.

  11. Thankyou so much Jingle...that means a lot to me x

  12. wow great thought in here! models of being -- that is something worth aspiring :)

  13. anthem to be here now, eyes and heart open -- very poignant and engaging...

  14. Ditto that, and well written to. We are sadly remiss in what we teach and don't teach our children.

    Happy Poets Rally. Hope you enjoyed your visits and visitors.

  15. I liked the overall message in the poem and flow was good and it was pleasent to read. But I wonder if the use of nearly as the title was the most appropriate or could there have been a better title.

  16. bendedspoon: thanks, I think so too :)
    Thanks Rob :)
    Jamie: True :)
    Fool: Yes...Nearly was a writing prompt, but have a think about another title :)

  17. Well, this was thought-provoking! I think it's when that loss of respect happens, when one of us tries to force the other's view on things that the other may not have experienced.. or maybe us not hearing out what the other has to say.. thats when the nearly factor comes into play...

    Here's My Poem For Poets Rally

  18. Amen -- the buck has to stop somewhere.

  19. Very well said Cynthia! Things indeed have gone berserk.. Very well expressed.

    Hugs x

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    we are open until Wednesday, 8pm..

  21. Thanks guys...nice to know we all appreciate that there's two sides to every relationship :)

  22. right now...seems like a very good time!!! excellent post.

  23. Beautiful Cynthia - you have a gift for this xx

  24. Very very good ideas in this and true.
    You have described what I often think about when I hear the media carry on about such things trying to influence our every thought and ideal, which is something I hate about them.